POD Parent Permission 2018

Busselton Baptist Church POD Youth Group

Parental Permission for all activities in 2018

Child's Details

Tip: Optional - we'll send the occasional reminder for upcoming POD events

Tip: Optional - we'll send the occasional reminder for upcoming POD events

Parent / Carer Details

Parental Declaration

I consent to my child becoming a member of the POD Youth program. I will encourage my child to attend and participate regularly and to cooperate with the leaders and other children.

In any emergency, should I not be contactable, I authorise the leaders in charge of the POD Youth Group to arrange for my child to receive such first aid, medical or surgical treatment as the leader may deem necessary at any time during the activities. I further authorise the use of Ambulance and/or anaesthetic by a qualified medical practitioner if in his/her judgement it is necessary. I accept responsibility for payment of all expenses associated with such treatment. 

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Busselton Baptist Church and any individual staff or voluntary leaders against all claims arising out of any injury to my child and the relevant activity being undertaken, unless such injuries result from a failure in the duty of care of the Busselton Baptist Church, individual staff or volunteer leader.

I give permission for my child to be photographed and/or recorded during the course of the activity for the purposes of creating promotional material for the Church and/or its ministries.

External Activities

I give permission for my child to participate in activities based outside of the Busselton Baptist Church building and to be transported in private cars arranged by the leaders of the POD Youth Group.

(Please note that the leaders of POD Youth Group will always seek to communicate in advance the details of any external activities)